How does Nutrition Sector work?

Helping uniting information between the Nutrition facilities

The nutrition sector aims at strengthening and improving the exchange of information between the partners and other organizations working with nutrition in emergencies in Banglades. It is an interface common to all sectors and is managed through the Nutrition Sector office in UNICEF Office Cox's Bazar. It is a space where managers and partners can quickly share content across web-platforms. They can also emphasize the outreach of information that is particularly relevant to Nutrition in emergency. Cross-cutting issues, joint initiatives and all the updates on the work that is being carried out at Cox's Bazar level as well as from a field perspective, is systematically promoted on this page.

Useful Resources

Emergency Nutrition Information System

The emergency nutrition information system (ENIS) is a system to capture individual children and pregnant and lactating women and capture their nutrition status. If you are a program manager, please contact the Nutrition Sector to gain access to the ENIS in order to facilitate with your reporting and recording of nutrition services.

Program Manager Dashboard

The program manager's dashboard gives a complete picture of all the reporting from every facility in the camps. Program managers can also filter through their program partner, implementing partner, camp and month for the reporting.

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SM Server for offline Recording

If your facility or camp does not have adequate internet connectivity, the SM Servers can provide offline data reporting and recording, as well as retrieving child register information from that facility in an offline environment.

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